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What specialized footware does Medicare cover?

If you have Medicare Part B and severe diabetic foot disease, you can get therapeutic shoes or inserts. This means that in one or both of your feet you have:

  • Partial or complete foot amputation, or
  • Past foot ulcers, or
  • Calluses that could lead to foot ulcers, or
  • Nerve damage because of diabetes, with signs of problems with calluses, or
  • Poor circulation, or
  • A deformed foot.

Medicare will cover one of these each calendar year:

  • One pair of depth-inlay shoes and three pairs of inserts, or
  • One pair of custom-molded shoes with inserts and two additional pairs of inserts. You can get these if you cannot wear depth-inlay shoes.

A foot doctor, or podiatrist, or other qualified doctor must prescribe the shoes or inserts. A doctor or someone else who is qualified must fit you for the shoes and give them to you.

What will they cost?

After you have paid your annual Medicare Part B deductible, you pay only 20% of the amount Medicare approves for the shoes or inserts. This works the same as other supplies that Medicare Part B covers.

Note: If your supplier does not accept Medicare assignment, you may have to pay more. You also may have to pay the entire cost up front. You would have to wait for Medicare to send you its share of the cost.

Before you order, ask your supplier:

  • Are you enrolled in Medicare?
  • Do you accept assignment?

If the answer is no to either question, be sure to call other suppliers so you can find one that answers yes to both questions.

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