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People Like Me

Different Needs. Different Options.

Vivian’s Story

Vivian turned 65 several years ago and was covered by her husband’s insurance until he passed away. She trusted him to manage their finances and healthcare decisions. Now facing these issues on her own, she is short on time. Her enrollment period has passed, and she needs to sign up as soon as possible, preferably with the help of a trusted resource. While relatively healthy, Vivian does take several prescriptions to maintain her health and wants to make sure she understands her coverage options so she can make a decision quickly.

Vivian’s Next Steps

  1. She’s doing her research about prescription drug coverage under Medicare to make sure she understands which plan will work best for her.
    Learn Which Drugs Are Covered
  2. She’ll want to read up about the next available enrollment period to make sure she is prepared to enroll ASAP.
    Learn More About Enrollment
  3. Vivian will look into whether she incurred any penalties by not signing up on time.
    Learn More About Penalties and Risks
  4. Requesting one-on-one guidance from a trusted source will help Vivian make the best decision as soon as she can.
    Take the QuickCheck

What Vivian is focused on:

  • Making sure she gets a drug plan that covers her prescriptions
  • Finding out the soonest she can enroll in Medicare
  • Learning about any penalties that may apply to her situation

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