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People Like Me

Different Needs. Different Options.

Sue’s Story

Sue is retired and is turning 65 soon. A cancer survivor, she makes it a priority to take good care of herself, going to regular checkups at her primary care doctor and making sure she takes preventive health measures. She has been a widow for a few years and is careful with her savings. Sue likes to do her research and plan for every scenario, so there are no surprises.

Sue’s Next Steps

  1. She’s reading up on all of what Medicare Parts A & B cover, including cancer treatments, so she’ll have the full picture.
    Learn About Parts A & B Coverage
  2. Since Sue wants to be ahead of the game with preventive measures and doctor’s visits, she will sign up for Parts A & B right away when she turns 65 during her Initial Enrollment Period.
    Learn More About Enrollment
  3. Sue will get more information on Medicare Savings Programs and Extra Help, so she knows what her options are if she’s concerned with money down the line.
    Learn About Getting Help with Costs
  4. Sue will take advantage of a plan comparison tool and see what will work best for her needs.
    Take the QuickCheck

What Sue is focused on:

  • Being as proactive as possible about her health
  • Knowing what would be covered by Medicare if her cancer were to come back
  • Planning how to pay for her healthcare – both for now and in 5 or 10 years
  • Being able to browse and research plans online

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