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People Like Me

Different Needs. Different Options.

Mike’s Story

Mike has had Veterans Administration coverage for the past 10 years and will soon be turning 65 and eligible for Medicare. He wants to make sure he thoroughly understands his healthcare options and their associated costs, because he’s been in the hospital before and routinely sees physicians to keep an eye on his health and get preventive care. He receives benefits from a pension, but his income is limited.

Mike’s Next Steps

  1. Mike wants to know how his VA coverage works with Medicare, so he’ll first want to find out if he’s eligible for a plan and any steps he needs to take to ensure he can be covered.
    Am I Eligible?
  2. He’ll want to do some research about what Medicare covers, both for illnesses and to prevent them.
    Learn More About Medicare Coverage
  3. Since Mike has a limited income, he’ll read up on ways he can get help to lower his Medicare and healthcare costs.
    Learn About Getting Help with Costs
  4. After Mike does his research, he’ll want to discuss his options with a trusted source who has all the facts.
    Take the QuickCheck

What Mike is focused on:

  • Learning how Medicare can work with or supplement his current coverage
  • Exploring what is covered under Medicare and how signing up could benefit him in the long run
  • Getting the details about ways to save money on Medicare

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