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People Like Me

Different Needs. Different Options.

Linda’s Story

Linda will be turning 65 soon and retiring from teaching. She has spent far more time worrying about her students than her own health. She suffers from chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes and is worried about managing these healthcare costs in retirement. Linda and her husband are unprepared for losing employer coverage and are concerned about becoming a burden to their children.

Linda’s Next Steps

  1. Since Linda has no in-depth knowledge of Medicare, she wants to be sure she understands every option available to her.
    Learn More About Medicare Coverage
  2. Linda will want to understand a general overview of what Medicare coverage will cost.
    Learn More About Medicare Costs
  3. She’ll get information on Medicare Savings Programs and Extra Help, so she is prepared for her concern with finances.
    Learn About Getting Help with Costs
  4. Linda wants to know how her pre-existing conditions will affect what kind of coverage she needs.
    Learn About Coverage for Conditions
  5. Talking through her options with someone on the phone will give Linda some reassurance and get her remaining questions answered.
    Take the QuickCheck

What Linda is focused on:

  • Being prepared for retirement when she will lose employer health coverage
  • Having financial stability and making sure she gets the best plan for her money
  • Ensuring that her pre-existing conditions are covered

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