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People Like Me

Different Needs. Different Options.

John’s Story

John is enjoying the leisure of retirement, but is still questioning his previous Medicare decision. When he turned 65, John enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B without doing much research. John knows other types of coverage are available to him and has discussed these options and plans with his family and friends. He is ready to make a decision on new coverage and wants to make sure he understands everything involved in switching plans.

John’s Next Steps

  1. Before switching plans, John is reading up on everything he needs to know about changing his coverage.
    Re-Evaluate Your Coverage
  2. John will do his research to get a deeper understanding of Medicare coverage and every option available to him.
    Learn More About Medicare Coverage
  3. Since John’s initial enrollment period has passed, he needs to get information about when he can switch plans and when his new coverage will go into effect
    Learn More About Enrollment
  4. After John does his research, he’ll want to discuss his options with a trusted source who has all the facts.
    Take the QuickCheck

What John is focused on:

  • Comparing different options to find the plan best for him
  • Gathering his own information to make a decision, while also discussing his options with a trusted resource to confirm that he’s making the right choice
  • Finding coverage that will allow him to keep his current doctors

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