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People Like Me

Different Needs. Different Options.

David’s Story

David will be turning 65 in a few months and he is preparing to make his Medicare decision with confidence. He has maintained a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and regular checkups, so nothing gets in the way of traveling the world with his wife. Although he will continue working past his 65th birthday, David likes to plan ahead and is doing his research so he will be prepared for retirement and the loss of his employer-provided health coverage.

David’s Next Steps

  1. Since David is financially prepared for retirement, cost isn’t an issue, but he’ll want to get an idea of what he’ll spend in the year ahead.
    Learn More About Medicare Costs
  2. David wants to be proactive with his health, so he’ll research what preventive services will be covered with his Medicare plan.
    Learn More About Covered Preventive Services
  3. Since David is putting off his initial enrollment period, he’ll want to make plans for the next opportunity for enrollment when he retires.
    Learn More About Enrollment

What David is focused on:

  • Ensuring he is covered for any extraordinary costs, especially when traveling
  • Making the transition from employer coverage to Medicare as smooth as possible
  • Finding a plan that includes preventive services

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