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I just got my Medicare card in the mail. How do I know how to use my Medicare? What does Medicare cover?

Medicare covers important medical care and many preventive services and screening tests, but there are rules about what services are covered, and when and how to get coverage.

Here are 4 important resources to help you learn more about your Medicare, the coverage rules, and benefits:

  • Medicare & You handbookEveryone who is new to Medicare gets a Medicare handbook, called Medicare & You, in the mail when they enroll. You get an updated handbook each year in the fall from Medicare. If you want, you can sign up to get this handbook electronically. Sign up at www.mymedicare.gov. Use your handbook as a general reference for what Medicare offers.
  • Medicare websites: Medicare’s official website – www.Medicare.gov – offers general info about Medicare’s benefits. You can find publications on specific benefits to help you understand better Medicare’s coverage limits. You can also find info on how to read a Medicare claim. Medicare’s other site – www.MyMedicare.gov – is a more personalized online site where you can get detailed info about your current benefits. You can easily sign-up for an online account, you can access and download your recent Medicare summary notices, keep track of your preventive benefits, view the status of claims, and more. The online service is free and secure.
  • MyMedicareMatters.org:  You can learn more here on this website about Medicare’s coverage and benefits including information on enrollment, types of coverage, costs, preventive services, and more.
  • Get personal help If you ever have questions about your Medicare coverage or benefits, get help in your local area through your State Health Insurance Assistance Program. This service is free to people with Medicare and their families. A counselor can help you review your options, review Medicare’s rules with you, and help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

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