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Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page contains answers to common questions that MyMedicareMatters receives from people with Medicare and their families. You can search by keyword or question topic.

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Does Medicare cover an annual physical?

Medicare does not cover complete physical examinations.  However, Medicare does cover annual visits with your doctor.  During these visits, your doctor obtains basic measurements, and you and your doctor discuss your health and plan to help keep you healthy during the next [...]

My mother lives at an assisted living facility. She is incontinent – will Medicare help pay for the cost of adult diapers?

Urinary incontinence — the accidental release or loss of bladder control — is a medical condition that affects millions of Americans. It is common for older adults to have some form of incontinence, which can be brought on by stress, [...]

I need the shingles shot. Does Medicare pay for all or part of this cost?

Shingles is a painful skin rash caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. And people age 50 and over are most at risk. It can cause lifelong pain even after the rash is gone. But you can prevent shingles [...]

Does Medicare help pay for caregiver services?

Medicare has very specific coverage rules, and generally Medicare does not provide coverage for personal care (also known as “custodial care” such as needing help with meals, supervision) unless a person is homebound and also requires skilled care services provided by a [...]

My father has very bad heart disease and recently had to have his leg amputated. My mother has Parkinson’s disease and is unable to help him with his needs at home. What kind of in-home assistance could they receive through Medicare?

If you wish to see whether home health services may be appropriate for your parents, you might want to start by speaking with their primary care provider. Your parents may be able to receive in-home help from Medicare if they [...]

I’ve just been prescribed a new drug and was told Medicare won’t cover it. What can I do?

Medicare covers most out-patient drugs through the Part D drug benefit. To get coverage, you must join a Medicare drug plan. There a few reasons Medicare may not cover your drug: The drug is excluded by law from coverage, The [...]

My drug plan cost me too much this past year. What can I do?

What you should do is take advantage of the annual Open Enrollment Period. This is the time of year when you can make changes in your Medicare coverage. The period starts on October 15 and ends on December 7, 2013. [...]

I heard it is Open Enrollment for Part D. What’s the best way to review my plan options? And, where can I find the information I need?

Yes, that is right! Now is Open Enrollment Period for Part D. You have from October 15 to December 7 to make changes in your current coverage or to enroll in a Part D drug plan (or a Medicare Advantage [...]

I think I am about to go into the Part D coverage gap. How will I know if I do? And if I do, how will I afford my prescriptions?

Each month that you fill any prescriptions using your Medicare Part D plan, you receive an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) summary in the mail. This summary shows the amount that you have paid for prescriptions drugs to date. It also [...]