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What is Medicare Part A & B or Original Medicare?

Medicare Parts A & B, or Original Medicare, is sometimes called “Traditional Medicare” or “fee for service” Medicare. With Original Medicare, you can go to any doctor, hospital, skilled nursing facility or outpatient treatment clinic that accepts Medicare assignment. Original Medicare is made up of 2 parts: Part A, which covers mostly inpatient care, and Part B, which covers mostly outpatient care.

What to do to get prepared for Medicare – start with this checklist.

Part A

Part A Medicare is often called hospital insurance because it pays for your care while you are in the hospital. Part A also pays some of the costs if you stay in a skilled nursing facility or if you get healthcare at home. Finally, Medicare Part A covers hospice care for people who are terminally ill.

Part B

Many people who have Medicare don’t go to the hospital, but everyone sees a doctor or needs screenings and lab tests at some point. Part B Medicare pays for these doctors’ services, outpatient hospital care and home healthcare, which is not covered by Part A.

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