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Make Sense of Medicare Costs

Medicare covers a wide range of medical services. But Medicare is not free it does not cover everything.

Anyone with Medicare will pay for a portion of their expenses, but what you pay will depend on the type of coverage that you have Parts A & B (Original Medicare), Part C (a private Medicare Advantage plan), a Part D prescription drug plan and/or Medigap (supplemental coverage). What you pay will also depend on where you receive services and if you have other forms of insurance.

To learn more about the costs of specific Medicare parts:

Calculating your costs

Make sure to compare your options on the basis of total yearly costs, adding up premiums and copays you anticipate for your level of coverage. You may have an unanticipated medical event and want to be prepared to handle it financially. If you have limited income or resources, you may qualify for help with costs.

Learn About Getting Help with Costs