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For Caregivers: When to Contact Protective Services?

by: Margie Johnson Ware, Aging and Health Specialist.If you look at any website that discusses issues of aging, caregiving or preparing financially for anticipated Medicaid services, you probably see a number of questions like this: My mother lives across the country, and seems to have a new “friend” who has inserted herself into Mom’s life. I’m afraid Read more »

Is It Time to Talk? A Guide to End-of-Life Discussions

by: The My Medicare Matters team Former Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman developed a program a number of years ago called The Conversation Project. Because of her own experience, she realized that many families were reluctant to discuss end-of-life choices with their aging relatives. She created the Conversation Project to help support and facilitate these crucial discussions. Read more »

Were you Born in 1952? A Complete Guide to Enrolling in Medicare

by: Margie Johnson Ware, Aging and Health Specialist You know you’re getting old when your so-called “baby brother” is suddenly eligible for Medicare. And in the mold of big sisters everywhere, I decided to write up a checklist of all the things he needs to keep in mind as he considers his options and enrolls. Are Read more »