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New Medicare Card Scams Hit Nationwide

By: Maureen Patterson, Media Manager at the SMP National Resource Center. Reposted from NCOA.org. Medicare started mailing new Medicare cards to beneficiaries in April and will finish mailing them nationwide in a year. They have a new look but, most importantly, they have unique numbers that are different than the Social Security numbers previously used on the Read more »

How to Use Veterans Benefits With Medicare

By: The My Medicare Matters Team While most people 65 and older get their health care through Medicare, if you are a veteran (or family member of a veteran) you are eligible for additional healthcare options that can provide coverage in addition to Medicare. You may already have healthcare coverage either through VA benefits (administered Read more »
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Preparing for Your Next Appointment: 15 Must Ask Questions [Part 1]

By: The My Medicare Matters Team This article is the first installment in our “Conversations with Your Doctor” series, which covers some of the important discussions you should have with your doctor as you age. To stay up-to-date on the latest blog posts, subscribe to our mailing list.  Doctors are often seen as superheroes, and although they Read more »