Welcome to Medicare exam

December 5, 2014

During the first year that you have Medicare Part B, you can get a one-time exam that will help you prevent illness.

The exam will give you a full review of your health. It will teach you about the preventive services you need to stay well, like certain screenings and shots. Your doctor can also refer you to other professionals for other healthcare.

During the exam, your doctor will record your medical history and check your blood pressure, weight and height. Your doctor may give you a vision test and make sure that your shots are up to date.

He or she may order further tests if you need them. Your doctor will tell you how to prevent disease, improve your health or stay well. You also will get a written plan when you leave. This checklist will let you know which screenings you should get.

  • Who is covered: Anyone with Medicare
  • How often it is covered: Once, in the first year of Medicare
  • Your cost: Free, but you may have to pay for some costs if your doctor does other tests or procedures during this visit that are not included as part of the exam