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NCOA, MyMedicareMatters™ and Aon Hewitt Navigators®

For over 60 years NCOA, a nonprofit service and advocacy organization, has been working to improve the lives of millions of older adults. As Baby Boomers grow older, it will be increasingly important to them and to our country that they be as healthy, independent and financially secure as possible.

This MyMedicareMatters website is designed to make it easier for people with Medicare and those turning 65 to get the most out of their health coverage. This service includes education and unique decision support tools to help people make good decisions and save money. And for those who choose it, MyMedicareMatters.org offers a quick connection to a licensed Aon Hewitt Navigator Benefits Advisor who will provide personal, one-on-one assistance in selecting and enrolling in health care coverage that best fits that individual.

NCOA selected Aon Hewitt Navigators as a trusted partner because of its strong track record of serving people with Medicare, and its ability to meet all of NCOA’s Standards of Excellence. Together, MyMedicareMatters.org and Aon Hewitt Navigators are another way for NCOA to help people save money and get more out of their health care coverage.

Find out if Aon Hewitt Navigators is right for you by taking the Medicare QuickCheck.