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Will the injections or shots I get at my doctor’s office be covered?

Injectable drugs in the office that Medicare Part B covers now

If you get drugs in your doctor’s office now, you will still get them and pay for them in the office. This will not change. This includes shots (like allergy shots) and drugs that you get by intravenous infusion, such as chemotherapy and other immunotherapy.

Injectable drugs in the doctor’s office that Medicare Part B does not cover now

If you get a shot in your doctor’s office that Medicare Part B does not cover, your Medicare Prescription Drug Plan may pay for it. You may need to pay in full at the office, and then the plan will pay you back. Contact your plan for the details.

Injectable drugs you get from the pharmacy

If you get a drug at the pharmacy and take it to your doctor’s office to have them give it to you, your pharmacist will bill your drug plan for it.

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