Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Insurance

What happens to my coverage?

  • Even if you have a Medigap plan, you most likely still need to join a Medicare drug plan. Most Medigap plans do not cover any of the cost of prescription drugs.
  • If you have Plans H, I or J, these plans mostly do not cover your prescription drugs, unless you have had it since 2005 AND have not joined a Medicare drug plan. Medigap plans H, I and J are not considered to be as good as Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. So if you decide to keep an H, I or J plan with drug coverage, you will pay a penalty if you decide to join a Medicare drug plan later on.
  • If you have a very old Medigap policy with drug coverage other than H, I or J, you should contact your plan to find out if your Medigap drug coverage is considered to be as good as the Medicare drug coverage.

What should I do?

Call your Medigap provider or read the information they send you. You can also usually switch from one Medigap policy to another one. Read your Medicare and You Handbook for more information.

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