Special Needs Plans

What is a Special Needs Plan (SNP)?

A Special Needs Plan is a type of Medicare Advantage plan that provides focused and specialized health care for specific groups of people, such as those who have both Medicare and Medicaid, who live in a nursing home, or have certain chronic medical conditions.

Can I join a SNP?

You can join a SNP if you have Medicare Parts A and B, live in the SNP service area, and meet the plan's eligibility requirements. See the eligibility requirements for SNPs on Medicare.gov.

Are SNPs offered everywhere?

Not necessarily. Each year, different types of Medicare SNPs may be available in different parts of the country.

Insurance companies can decide that a plan will be available to everyone with Medicare in a state, or only in certain counties. Insurance companies may also offer more than one plan in an area, with different benefits and costs. Each year, insurance companies offering Medicare SNPs can decide to join or leave Medicare. Get help to see if a Special Needs Plan is offered in your area.

What are the costs of SNPs?

If you have both Medicare and Medicaid, most of your costs will be covered by those programs. If you don't have Medicaid, or get help from other programs (such as Medicare Savings Programs), your costs may be similar to what you would pay in a regular Medicare Advantage plan. Learn more about Medicare Advantage costs.

Get more information

You can learn more about SNPs, their costs, and how to decide if they are right for you in the official Medicare publication, Your Guide to Medicare Special Needs Plans.

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