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Loss of Existing Coverage

I’m about to lose my current health insurance, and I’m not turning 65 until next year. What can I do?

If you are about to lose your current coverage but are not yet eligible for Medicare, you may be able to buy insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state. In the Marketplace, you can shop for affordable plans, and find out whether you qualify for subsidies that can help you pay for your coverage or Medicaid.

If you buy a plan through the Marketplace, you should receive a notice before you turn 65 letting you know when to enroll in Medicare. Learn more about moving from the Marketplace to Medicare.

I’m already eligible for Medicare, but didn’t sign up because I was working and had employer coverage. But I’m about to retire. Am I going to be penalized for signing up now?

If you delayed taking Medicare when you were first eligible because you were actively working and had employer-based coverage, you call still enroll later on. You should have a Special Enrollment Period in which to enroll without a penalty.

Note: COBRA and retiree health plans are not considered coverage based on current employment. That means that you are not eligible for a Special Enrollment Period when your COBRA ends. Read more about COBRA and Medicare.

Get personal help to enroll in Medicare or other insurance when you’re about to lose your existing coverage.

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