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Authorized Representative

What is an “authorized representative”?

You can choose someone to help you make decisions about your Medicare coverage. This person is called an authorized representative. This person is only authorized to help you with Medicare—with joining a plan, quitting a plan, finding out information about your insurance, and handling claims and payments.

An authorized representative cannot make decisions about your medical care.

These people are already authorized representatives:

  • Your guardian.
  • Your durable power of attorney for health care (where allowed by state law).
  • Your durable power of attorney.

You can also sign a form to make someone else your authorized representative. You can download the authorized representative form (This file is in PDF format).

Does a person need to be my “authorized representative” to help me join a plan?

It depends on what you need and if you are with your helper.

  • If they are there with you: They do not need to be an authorized representative. You can start the call to Medicare or your plan. Then tell the person who answers the phone that you want someone there with you to ask the questions and get information for you. Hand the phone over to get your helper to ask the questions.
  • If they are not there with you: They may need to be an authorized representative. You may be able to sign a letter that says the plan can give information to your helper. You could fax it to the company. Ask the company if they would take that kind of letter. If not, you would need to sign an official form to make your helper your authorized representative.

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