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Hospitals and Facilities

What do I pay for a hospital stay?

You must pay a hospital deductible when you go into a hospital. There is also a daily charge if you stay in the hospital more than 60 days. Medicare pays for 90 days in a hospital at one time. These days it is very rare for anyone to be in a hospital for that long.

Hospital Costs 2014:

How Long You Stay What You Pay
Days 1-60 $1,216 deductible, then nothing
Days 61-90 $304 per day
Days 91-150 $608 per day
These are called “lifetime reserve days” because Medicare will only pay for these extra days once in your lifetime
After 150 days All of the costs of your stay

What do I pay in a skilled nursing facility?

For a nursing home stay, Medicare has no deductible. Medicare only covers up to 100 days in a skilled nursing facility. It only covers if you meet Medicare's guidelines. Medicare will NOT pay if you only need help with your personal care, such as bathing, eating, or dressing yourself. This is also called custodial care. After your 20th day in a nursing home, you pay a daily charge through the 100th day.

Learn more about Medicare coverage of skilled nursing facility costs.

Skilled Nursing Facility Costs 2014:

How Long You Stay What You Pay
Days 1-20 $0
Days 21-100 $152
After 100 days All costs

What do I pay for home health care and hospice?

There is no deductible or copayment for home health and hospice care. You must meet certain guidelines to get this kind of care. If you qualify under Medicare's rules, you can get this care as long as you need it. You may pay a small share of the costs of your drugs.

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