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4 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease Using Medicare

By: The My Medicare Matters Team The number 1 cause of death for people age 65 and older in the United States is heart disease. While strides are being made in health care to reduce the number of people affected, it’s still not enough. Some of the most important things individuals can do to reduce Read more »

6 Things You Need to Know About Using Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans

by: The My Medicare Matters Team So, you have chosen a Medicare Advantage (MA) or Prescription Drug (Part D) plan during Open Enrollment that fits your needs, but what happens next? While your new Medicare plan will send you all the introductory paperwork you could ever need, it may be a bit overwhelming. You probably Read more »

Smart Tech for the Holidays: 6 Must-Have Devices for Seniors

By: The My Medicare Matters Team  As you age, there’s a misconception that your interest in technology decreases. In a time when cellphones are one of the most popular accessories for people, older adults are more tech savvy now than ever. Truth is, a growing number of older Americans are embracing technology and recognizing the Read more »